Free of Facebook

Finally deleted my Facebook account. Tired of their bullshit, and Prism was the last straw for me.

I never completed trusted them, despite using their site. My preferred way of using the website was in ‘Private Mode’ in Firefox and ‘Incognito Mode’ in Chrome on Android. With Firefox, I always had Facebook Javascript disabled, unless I was actively using their website and always deleted their cookies and history if I accidentally went to their site without being in Private Mode. Before I got Chrome for Android and was using Opera browser, I would always delete all cookies and history after using Facebook.

of course, the irony here is I’m stuck in Google’s ecosystem and they’re just as guilty of being involved in Prism as Facebook, and what I just wrote has been logged on some GCHQ server somewhere….ah democracy, isn’t it wonderful? But don’t worry, it’s all for your own good

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